Flowers and Ornamental Plants


The fruits are differentiated by their varied formats, textures, exuberant colors, different flavors and, due to their sweetness, they are authentic treats of nature.

We are attracted by all these aspects of variability, impelling us to its consumption and, thus, we supply the organism with the vitamins and minerals that it needs daily to fulfill the diverse metabolic functions.

Each color represents the presence of certain health-protecting substances.

The fruit offers us a variety of fibers and rejuvenating nutrients, and its consumption should vary between 3 to 5 pieces daily.

- Nutritional information by Joana Codinha Mendes | Food Engineer, Food Safety Consultant, Master in Clinical Nutrition, Healthy Eating Workshop's and Showcooking's, Trainer of Turismo de Portugal and other organizations. | Sources: Food Composition Tables - INSA | International Food Information Council Foundations -