• Integrate a national movement, with a markedly entrepreneurial nature, organized in favor of greater competitiveness;
  • Benefit from an organizational model that allows concerted involvement of the various agents in the sector: companies, associative organizations and public bodies;
  • Opportunity to collaborate in the organization and cohesion of the sector;
  • Enjoy strategic business cooperation and consultation;
  • Access to shared information mechanisms;
  • Permanent monitoring of national and international markets;
  • Easier prospecting for new national and international markets;
  • Increase in the negotiation capacity of national production: creation of a critical dimension;
  • Foster partnerships with national and international market operators;
  • Benefit from actions that promote the consumption of Portuguese fruits, vegetables and flowers;
  • Establish synergistic relationships with other sectors (olive oil, wine, industry, etc.);
  • Valuing the different links in the value chain of horticultural products and national flowers.

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